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Charles Charters has created standards for our Customer’s and Crew’s health by adopting sanitary measures, recommended by many health and nautical groups.  We ask that everyone aboard remain compliant with these health measures and be respectful of one another especially in regard to social distancing preferably 6’ and a minimum 4’.



  • Hydroalcoholic gel &/or disinfectant solution (hand sanitizer) available for use prior to entering the interior of the yacht.


  • Take advantage of the numerous areas to relax and spread out.


  • Limit number of guests when accompanying the Captain on the fly bridge to be in compliance with social distancing measures.  Guests are not allowed to sit in the Captain’s chair, nor touch the helm controls, binoculars, steering wheel, horn, etc…in neither the upper nor lower piloting.


  • Follow Crew’s instructions to minimize and reduce direct hand to surface contact during each stage of service (reception, boarding, food &, beverage service, disembarkation, etc.)



  • Crew members to implement protective actions (regular hand washing & avoid touching face).


  • Per your advance request, our crew is happy to wear masks and gloves especially when handling food.


  • Our crew has been instructed to take their temperatures daily prior to reporting to vessel.


  • Communicate preventive measures to be taken by all aboard, if a crew member detects symptoms consistent with those of Covid-19. 




  • Use suitable disinfectants and antiseptics (virucidal and bactericidal) during a complete cleaning before each group.


  • Cleaning including cushions, equipment (life jackets, water toys, etc.) control knobs, switches and door handles


  • Disinfect towels with proper laundering and place in a sealed disposable bag till cruise


  • Disinfect incoming galley inventory prior to use and dispose of all packaging materials


  • Increased time between half day charters to allow for systematic cleaning after first charter guests disembark and second group boards.  Charters to be scheduled to avoid contact across charter client groups.


  • Boarding & disembarkation procedures for guests to orient them to yacht.


  • Digitize check-in procedure as much as possible including Captain’s Log (electronic instructions for contract signing, payment, etc.)

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